Triangle South Literacy Works

600 S Magnolia Ave Dunn, NC 28334



Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering at Triangle South Literacy Works

1. What are the requirements for tutoring?

Triangle South Literacy Works does not require an education background.  You must be at least 18 years old, live in the service area and have a high school diploma or GED.  Attendance at the new tutor training workshop and subsequent in-service training workshops is also required.  Flexibility, compassion and patience are the most important requirements of being an Triangle South Literacy Works tutor!

2. How much time will I need to commit each week?

Ideally, a student benefits most from twice weekly lessons.  These lessons are generally 1-1.5 hours with at least one day separating each lesson.

3. What is my tutoring schedule?

We do not set your schedule.  You work with your student to schedule lessons that are convenient for you both.  You will only be matched with a student who has the same availability that you do.

4. How long will it take my student to complete his/her objectives?

Like you, each of our students is unique.  There are no deadlines or pre-set timeframes in which your student must finish anything.  At Triangle South Literacy Works, we cater to the student.  Lessons and progress match the student’s pace.

5. Where will I meet my student for our weekly lessons?

You will be matched with a student that is local to you so that neither of you has a long commute.  We suggest a public meeting place such as a library, church or restaurant.  Meeting in a home is not allowed for numerous reasons including safety, liability and distractions.

6. How will I know what to teach?

Since we do not require a teaching background or education experience, many of our tutors are teaching for the first time.  We provide workbooks tailored to your student’s level.  The teacher manual includes lesson plans and most everything you will need to know in order to serve your student.  We will cover additional resources available in your new tutor training workshop.

7. What should I wear to lessons with my student?

Casual dress is appropriate.  Remember that you will be a role model for your student, so please dress accordingly.  Many of our students come from low socioeconomic backgrounds, so dressing in business or formal wear may intimidate them while dressing too casually may imply that you do not take the lessons seriously or expect as much from them.  Dress comfortably and tastefully.