Triangle South Literacy Works

600 S Magnolia Ave Dunn, NC 28334

Triangle South Literacy Works Facts

Triangle South Literacy Works' mission is to empower adult learners to improve their quality of life through education. Triangle South Literacy Works is a non-profit volunteer-based organization. Triangle South Literacy Works helps adults improve their reading, writing, math, English language and computer skills through one-to-one tutoring and small group instruction. Our programs are confidential and provided at no cost to the student. (Adult Basic Education) 

We match the students with an appropriate learning series based on professional adult education assessments (CASAS). The student is then matched with a tutor and the learning begins at a mutually convenient location and time. All the materials for learning are free to the student. The same process is followed with our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and the Computer Skills program.

Triangle South Literacy Works' staff consists of an Executive Director, ESOL/Citizenship Instructor, a part-time administrative support position and 25 volunteers.

We also offer citizenship courses to eligible immigrants and financial literacy training.

Here are some statistics for Harnett, Johnston, and Sampson counties in North Carolina:

                              Harnett Johnston  Sampson    Avg                      Comment
Graduation rates 81.5% 88.8%  80.9% 83.7% Increasing all counties
Drop-out rates 3.46% 1.99%  4.0% 3.15% Lower in Harnett only
Poverty rates 20.5% 15.3%  29.0% 18% Equates to over 25,200 low-literate adults

Unemployment    7.2% 7.2%  7.2% 7.2% Increasing all counties

Literacy Levels (2015) -National Assessment of Adult Literacy

Harnett (16%), Johnston (15%) and Sampson (23%)--The literacy rate is defined as anyone who is lacking basic prose literacy skills.  Those with only basic literacy can read signs and simple prose but may have difficulty completing employment applications, comprehending ballot items and helping a child with their homework.