Triangle South Literacy Works

600 S Magnolia Ave Dunn, NC 28334


Adult Basic Education (ABE) an adult learner develops reading, writing, speaking, math and/or other basic skills including map reading, check writing, menu selection, etc

"Reading is the key that opens doors to many good things in life.   Reading shaped my dreams, and more reading helped me make my dreams come true"-----US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg  

ABE Student Testimony “In the past, I would let suspicious prices charged at checkout go. I couldn’t fight without the certain knowledge that something was wrong. Recently, I bought four items from a local department store and the price I was charged didn’t sound right. Instead of letting it go, I can fight discrepancies. In this case, I saved $ 10 because I knew the math was wrong”


ABE STUDENT TESTIMONY "Triangle South Literacy Works has changed my life by helping me improve my reading comprehension skills".

ABE STUDENT TESTIMONY "TSLW has helped me improve my public speaking skills and learning how to read".

ABE STUDENT TESTIMONY: "My tutor has taught me not to panic when it is time for me to take a test or quiz.  She has also helped me become more confident with my reading and writing.  Triangle South Literacy Works is doing an excellent job".

ABE STUDENT TESTIMONY: "Triangle South Literacy Works helped to improve my reading, spelling and self-confidence".

ABE STUDENT TESTIMONY: "Triangle South Literacy Works has helped me improve my vocabulary and understand what I read".

ABE STUDENT TESTIMONY: "My vocabulary has grown.  I am able to help my children with their homework and improve my writing skills".

          ABE STUDENT TESTIMONY "My vocabulary has grown.   I understand what I read now".   

ABE STUDENT TESTIMONY " My ability to pronounce words and spelling has improved".