Triangle South Literacy Works

600 S Magnolia Ave Dunn, NC 28334

Computer Literacy


Triangle South Literacy Works' computer lab is open for anyone interested in getting help with their computer skills. Computer class times and days vary.  All computer classes run from 6 to 8 weeks. Students may work independently in the computer lab as long as a class is not in session. Just write your start and end times on the clipboard provided.

If you’re a skilled computer user, please consider tutoring so we may add another class (day or evening) to our roster. The lab is located within TSLW offices at Triangle South Enterprise Center, 600 S. Magnolia Ave in Dunn. Students are free to use the lab in their spare time, if the room is not already scheduled (There is a time sheet on the door of the computer lab. A time sheet for the shared computer lab/tutoring corner is on the door to the computer lab

If you would like to become a computer tutor or enroll as a student, please call (910) 891-4111 or email