About Us

Visions and Values


The vision of Triangle South Literacy Works Inc., is a commitment to the eradication of illiteracy in Harnett, Johnston, and Sampson Counties by providing trained tutors and resources. TSLW strives to educate the public to the needs and challenges of the illiterate in this region.


We are a caring organization that treats our students, tutors, and all members with dignity and respect.

We value literacy and practice the highest standards of learning.

We are committed to striving for learning, acknowledging always that students, tutors, and members learn from each other.

We value the tremendous time and commitment given to learning by our students, tutors, members, and their families.

We value collaboration with our community partners in the common goal of helping those in our county.

We seek to be good stewards in managing our resources and materials in order to continue our literacy efforts into the future.


We value your privacy. All tutors and volunteers may not divulge the names of their students. Any pictures shown on this site have been made with the express permission of all parties.